Your ideas into Life!

L’Origine OEM arrangement provides an outsourcing set up, finished packaging, pre-done services and high speed delivery to start your own line. As an established partner we move forward with the current entrepreneurial trends and offer buying model services thru our OEM Process.

You choose from our saved formulations or customize your desired formulation parting from our mature formulas. Furthermore, if you have your own packaging or your own brand label to print you can also send it to us. However, if you need some help our product development team will be assisting you as per your needs. Last, if your brand is new in the market but your MOQ and capabilities are aligned with our line chain, we can guide you with trend forecast and consultation about latest trends and market hits.

We are committed to developing exceptional resources and guiding you during every step of the process. There will be a quality control in all stages of production, from package-filling to finished production along with our high lead time management, we bring a wide diversity of solutions to our customers. You will receive efficient and dedicated support which is essential for establishing a successful brand line.

Today’s market demands speed and flexibility. We ensure that the product you are getting is exclusive, durable, and trustful since it represents your own values. We create consistency during our OEM Process. We never turn down opportunities no matter how complicated some processes might be. Let’s innovate and explore possibilities together.